Carry on fun keyboard chords. Chords: The three primary chords video (Remember that accidentals carry over in the same measure!) (The lowest note in each case is the root of the chord -- even.

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Carry on fun keyboard chords

It's just like the 9th chord, except you move your left thumb up from the 3rd of the chord to the 4th -- which in this case is known as the 11th, because it includes a 9th and a 7th under it. The board itself seems sturdy. Then we learned inversions -- how to stand chords on their head. Then skip around from major to minor to diminished to augmented, etc. Electronic keyboards are crammed with features, many of which are fun although not really essential.

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Carry On (fun) Easy Strum Guitar Lesson Chord How to Play - D G A

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Carry on fun keyboard chords

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