Fun checks and balances activity. This lesson will cover the system of checks and balances that exist among the three branches of the federal government. A short quiz will follow.

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Fun checks and balances activity

Bank of America is always working behind the scenes to help keep your information safe. I am only so sad because ultimately we had to leave and go home to our home town without them. However, each branch also has, within its abilities, 'checks' that limit or prevent other branches from becoming too influential. Click Here for more info about this. When you sign-in for the first time from any new computer, phone, or tablet, you'll be prompted to verify your identity and to choose a "Security Preference" for that device. Our kids loved the teachers, the colors and cannot wait to go back" "Just wanted to say thank you for taking great care of our kids today.

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4 Girl Chair Trick!

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Fun checks and balances activity

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