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Fun cruiser rc boat

Included is a parts packet with spark plugs, spindle grease, plug wrench, extra prop, Allen wrenches, intake cone, spare rudder. In the mids, two-person versions of personal watercraft started to gain in popularity due to their sit-down and more stable designs. With […] Ads after 2 posts Kinwald Back With Team Losi Racing Last week we told you the news about Kinwald going back to Trinity and today TLR has officially confirmed that the 2 time world champ has also signed to race for them in this upcoming race season too. The 30cc engine needs needs a new spark plug and maybe a light tune up. The second and long race of the day was started in about 18 knots of breeze and during the race in increased to about 20 knots at the top of the course. Leading up to the event the weekend before there were quite a few fourteens out practicing. From Team Losi Racing:

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Fun cruiser rc boat

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