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Funny pictures of imran khan

This was a recent picture from their vacation with kids at Ski resort. You are super inspirational and so so loving to me always. Instagram Vidya Balan posted a picture on Instagram Actress Vidya Balan posted a picture on instagram sharing her recent look and captioned it as- Loved wearing this gorgeous abrahamandthakore saree for a wedding recently! Instagram Sushmita Sen posted a stylish picture Former Miss Universe and Actress Sushmita Sen posted a stunning pic of herself on Instagram and captioned it as - strikeapose???? Instagram Anushka Sharma with Virat Kohli in Delhi post honeymoon After having enjoyed their honeymoon period the couple is back in Delhi for some more celebrations and their family and friends further after the secret wedding. Instagram Shilpa Shetty with son Viaan Raj in Dubai Shilpa had been in Dubai for some days following her professional commitments, but soon after Viaan also flew to meet her mommy and this picture perfectly captures the emotion of how he missed mommy.

Funny pictures of imran khan

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