Mohamed ali funny moments. Sir Mohamed Muktar Jama "Mo" Farah, CBE (Somali: Maxamed Mukhtaar Jaamac Faarax; born 23 March ) is Britain's most successful-ever distance runner. On .

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Mohamed ali funny moments

I hope he learns to appreciate her. So basically she brought him here to help her financially. On 23 August , Farah returned to the track at a Diamond League meet in Birmingham , where he capped off a winning season with another victory over a distance of two miles 3. But he had become something more than famous. However, he was knocked out before the m final at the Olympics in Beijing. Farah again required post-race medical attention and subsequent tests revealed he had low levels of iron and magnesium. A month later, Farah won the silver medal in the European Championship m in Gothenburg.

Mohamed ali funny moments

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