Adult joke priceless. A man is catching a cab home when he realizes that the cab driver could give him a hand with catching his cheating wife. Things escalate quickly.

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Adult joke priceless

The jacket was designed to be able to hold a full pack of 12 to ounce PBR cans using the exterior pockets and interior pouches. Once his henchmen learn that Chill's actions led to the hated Batman's existence, however, they turn on their boss and gun him down before realizing how priceless his knowledge of Batman's true identity is. The story begins with Chill being released from prison after finishing a sentence for an unrelated crime, and it is apparent that he has been living in fear since that fateful night. When Batman proposes an alliance it is agreed that he and Chill will work together — something Batman finds repugnant, but which he nevertheless justifies to himself as necessary to tackle the Reaper. So deep he's completely enveloped and can't move.

Adult joke priceless

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Got talent - priceless moments

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