Dago jokes. Movies from were governed by a Production Code. This site reproduces it and gives examples of where the Code prevented proposed stories and scenes from.

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Dago jokes

Once they've fled, the surly Wrecker admits to Kup that he was bluffing after all! They declare it illegal for the "whiteys" to refer to them as "niggers", but use the word indiscriminately themselves. Spoon has to pull Stretch aside and remind him that he can't use the word around other black people, but Stretch stubbornly insists that it's a "term of endearment. Jigsaw justifies it, being a unicorn herself: Apparently only other rabbits are allowed to call a rabbit " cute ". For the record, Turk said no. And this is all the more ironic when you consider that the Anarchist is adopted and his parents are white, so the Spike thinks he didn't have the right in the first place.

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Horrible motorcycle accident caught on tape

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Dago jokes

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