Frisbee joke. The Brick Joke. Once upon a time, there was a man who wanted to build a house. But, being a little eccentric, he wanted to build the house using only 99 bricks.

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Frisbee joke

What's the deal with data journalism? It is a real spectator sport that gets a lot of attention. Gildarts is shocked and apologizes. At one point in Queen's Blade shapeshifter Melona impersonates Menace's former lover Anarista for a laugh, but since Anarista betrayed Menace and left her to be raped and killed Menace is not amused and threatens to kill Melona if she ever does that again. Prowl smirks at the death of Chromedome's significant other, Rewind, as Chromedome's actions, under Prowl's direction, got Rewind killed. Defied in Blue Belle when Cordelia makes a joke that Kendra's death "left [them] with the defective Slayer".

Frisbee joke

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